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Audio for websites.

I've created this list because I show only the Videos that I feel are useful to me or to others. All the information we need to start making the most of Audio files and controls in Website.

In this first section I have Audio Workshop Videos from Adam Khoury on YouTube

The Video window is using the STICKY function. As you move down the page on a PC the video will remain in the same place until you pass the content of the adjoining div (this DIV) when the whole page will move up. The Video window and the Video list dividers are within a Bootstrap row, the ROW being an HTML Div of course containing 2 columns. As long as the content in the adjoing div exceeds the depth of the viewport the Video Window, the Sticky divider will remain in view. It's surprising how many developers struggle with the STICKY function. Incidentaly STICKY must be used with TOP positioning so that it knows where it belongs.

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