Phil Donnelly.

Welcome to my Zone. Stuff for me and stuff for you.

This website is for your viewing if you would like to know more about me, it's also a domain linked to my email address because I like to be a little different.
So my email address is me at this domain name. If you have an online presence, sell online, or provide a service then you know you should have an online presence. And it's definitely not reliant on any Social Network service, so I choose the content.

This website has and will create problems for me, and I will overcome the problems, by doing so I learn, and so I enjoy problems.

There's lots more content to bring to this site, a lot so it's going to evolve and grow, so please check back one day. One day! In other words I don't want to bore you or you may leave.

A fully flexible website

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25 years in Manufacturing with knowledge of MRP, Production Planning and Logistics. 10 years of working with SQL databases, 8 years of website development. A problem solver, a solution provider, a people person and a creative individual with a great range of knowldge and skills. 20 years of working in an IT environment using SQL, working with Oracle and B.I Systems. Experience of JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON and more.

I'm also a hands on person, my hobbies include Carpentry, Building, Interior Design, Decor as well as Technology and Photography.

IT Systems

Tech Services

My experience includes all aspects of Information Technology, there really isn't one aspect of IT that I haven't had some involvement in as long as we aren't talking about specific industries. So, I've been an IT Engineer, a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, System Analyst, SQL DBA (Oracle/SQLServer), UNIX Admin (Yep! I've done my CHMOD along with my GREP)., Desktop Support, Network Installations (TCP/IP, DHCP and IP addressing), Wireless Terminal project for reporting manufacturing and stock movements. Experience of a range of Web technologies. A Project manager and Team Leader. Business Objects, Data Warehousing and even some SAP.

Web Design and Development Software pages and apps.

I can maintain a Computer Network

I installed the FIRST wireless network into a Multimillion pound Nokia Factory in 2000

I build and fix PC's. And I have done for 25 years.

And just before I go. I also have 2 years recent experience in Sales. When I take a job or perform a role I make sure I have the skills and knowledge to carry it out.


My main hobbies are Coding and Photography